Master theses

Name Theses title Status Year
Ghassan Ghattas Can GIS and BIM tools be combined to provide a means for conservation specialists to understand the effect of the environment on stone-built heritage? Graduated 2019, September
Ignas Dümmer GeoDesign en het vastleggen van percepties in ruimtelijke opgaven Graduated 2018, October
Marijke Bekkema The potential of Sentinel-2 data for detecting grassland management intensity to support monitoring of meadow bird populations Graduated with Distinction 2017, September
Jonathan Dullemans The contribution of geographic components in understanding the neighborhood participation process Graduated with High Merit 2016, September
Victor Makundi Assessing Changes of Uluguru Catchment Forest Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques following the Application of Equitable Payment of Watershed Services Graduated 2016, February
Martijn van der Ende Spatial ecology and prey choice of tagged feral cats on Schiermonnikoog
Ruimtelijke ecologie en prooikeuze van gezenderde verwilderde katten op Schiermonnikoog
(Dutch version of thesis)

( presentation)
Graduated with High Merit 2015, December
Ruud Oberndorff The New Cap Gap. Modelling and delineation of Ecological Focus Areas
( presentation)
Graduated with High Merit 2015, September
Wim Dijkman Een optimale (geo)informatievoorziening ten behoeve van meerlaagsveiligheid in de regio West-Friesland
( presentatie)
Graduated 2015, September
Andrew Standley Making tracks: simulating prehistoric human travel networks, Northland, New Zealand
( abstract & presentation)
Graduated 2015, February
Stefan Bruehlmann Measuring and Mapping Light Pollution at a Local Scale
( Thesis Presentation )
Graduated with Distinction 2015, February
Vincent van Altena Improvement of automatic generalisation of manmade water networks for topographic maps by context-dependent pruning
( Thesis Presentation
( 1st place UNIGIS International Academic Excellence Award 2015 )
Graduated with High Merit 2015, January
Javid Javidnia Landfill Site Selection through Land Suitability Analysis using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Geographic Information System and Fuzzy Logic Graduated 2014
Marius Schaeffer De invloed van het veranderend landgebruik op de hydrologie
( abstract / samenvatting )
Graduated with High Merit 2014
Wouter Könst Usability of Networked Information. What influences the usability and how can it be measured Graduated with High Merit 2013
Nico de Graaff Communicating uncertainty in spatial data. Exploring the usefulness in municipal information chains
( appendices & presentation )
Graduated 2013
Rémy Pinsonnault Toward a User-Centric Peru Spatial Data Infrastructure Based on Free and Open Source Software Graduated with High Merit 2013
Daan van Os Duurzaamheid van GIS data: Een onderzoek naar duurzame GIS data bij waterleidingbedrijven
( abstract & presentatie)
Graduated 2013
Hillie Plantinga Gemeentelijke ruimtelijke data op het web Graduated 2013
A.L.M. (Ad) van Houtum Onderzoek naar de toekomstige informatie-uitwisseling over ondergrondse netten in Nederland, gebaseerd op de ontwikkelingen en behoeften in de graafsector in relatie tot INSPIRE
( presentatie )
Graduated with High Merit 2013
Jaap H. Smit Verbeterd situationeel bewustzijn voor crisisbeheersing en rampenbestrijding, door een verbeterde tekstuele- en geografische visualisatie Graduated 2013
Jeroen Steenbeek Bridging the gap between ecosystem modelling tools using geographic information systems.
( Fisheries Centre Research Report 20-6 & article in Ecological Modelling )
( 2nd place UNIGIS International Academic Excellence Award 2013 )
Graduated with Merit 2012
John-Paul Glutting Excess Heat-Related Mortality in Micro-Urban Heat Islands: A Case-Only Study in Barcelona
( abstract )
( 2nd place UNIGIS International Academic Excellence Award 2012 )
Graduated with Distinction 2011
Oteng Dhlamini Has GIS implementation in the 6 municipalities of South Africa been effectively utilized to address the free basic service delivery problem? Graduated 2011
Willem Steenis Developing a Spatial Data Infrastructure for use in the military, how to assess progress?
( abstract )
Graduated with Distinction 2011
Xuanhao Chan Influence of space and time concepts on physical activity intensity in Singapore Graduated 2010
Sandra MacFadyen Identifying priority protection areas in established protected areas: A biodiversity sensitivity-value analysis of the Krüger National Park, South Africa Graduated with Distinction 2010
Birgit Moiloa Geographical Information Systems for Strategic Wind Energy Site Selection Graduated 2010
Johannes Luberichs GIS and Tourist Consumer Research: The Spatial Profile of German Low-Cost Carrier Passengers in Mallorca Graduated 2009
Patrick Brooijmans How to measure the added value of geographic information in Disaster Management
Graduated 2008
Ben Bruns Visualisatie Profielen voor Geografische Gegevens Graduated 2008
Paul Jonk Location Services: Adding Value to Incident Management? Graduated 2008
André Coleman An Adaptive Landscape Classification Procedure Using Geoinformatics and Artificial Neural Networks

( abstract )
( 1st place UNIGIS International Academic Excellence Award 2009 )

Graduated 2008
Ed Visser Kernregistraties Ruimtelijk Beleid en Bouwprojecten

( english summary )

Graduated 2008
Wilbert Kurvers Implementing local Spatial Information Infrastructures;
Are Municipalities INSPIREd?

Graduated 2007
Lisho Christoh Mundia The Use of GIS in Flexible Land Tenure System (FLTS) at City of Windhoek, Namibia

( abstract )

Graduated 2007
Edwin Wisse Earth Observation Acceptance by GIS Users Graduated 2006
Brian Kirwan Will ignorance be the real barrier to interoperability

( abstract )

Graduated 2006
Gijs van Veen Optimization of the Allocation of Marketing & Sales Efforts Graduated 2006
Herman Jan Frieling GIS en de
burgemeester - ondersteuning bij calamiteiten en rampen
( samenvatting )
Graduated 2005
Rosan van Wilgenburg 1 - Geomarketing
( abstract
2 - GIS project management (
introduction )
Graduated 2005
Richard Kaufholz Building Densities A Physical Volume Approach

( abstract )

Graduated 2004
Herman Schultz Financiële consequenties bij veranderen van het bestemmingsplanproces Graduated 2004
Kyle McDonald The
role of mobile geographic amd information technologies in optimising water
quality monitoring and management
( abstract )
Graduated 2004
Patrick Strootman De doelmatigheid van
een gestandaardiseerd geografisch informatiemodel
( samenvatting )
Graduated 2004
Janos Szuhanyik Investigation of high
accuracy satellite images for updating and checking digital cadastral
Graduated 2004
Han Slotman Gebouwen
registratie, de geometrische component
( samenvatting )
Graduated 2004
Sjaak van
van Geo-informatie in theorie en praktijk.
Een onderzoek naar de
aspecten van kwaliteit van geo-informatie en een analyse van de attribuut
nauwkeurigheid van een dataset.
( samenvatting
Graduated 2004
GIS and Ecological Networks: allowing the Web of Life, a Network of Space

( abstract )

Graduated 2004
Gregory Dennis
critique of soil erosion modelling at a cathment scale using GIS
Graduated 2004
Theo Peters GIS
als virtueel frontoffice bij Nederlandse gemeenten

( abstract
Graduated 2003
Rob J.
Object-based updating
of land-use maps of urban areas using satellite remote sensing (abstract
Graduated 2003
Hans Hainje An
assessment of the problems of planning and implementing GIS in a (complex)
multi-partner organisation
Graduated 2002
Jan Koers Location
policy for municipalities in the Netherlands using GIS to optimise multi
governmental objectives
Graduated 2002
Nico Piquer A
cost/benefit analysis for the use of GIS within Dutch water boards The
influence of introducing new technology to support business
Graduated 2002
The application of GIS
in major urban planning projects in The Netherlands
Graduated 2001
Herman de
Web mapping by
municipalities in The Netherlands
Graduated 2001
Jan Koers Location Policy for
municipalities in The Netherlands
Graduated 2001
Johan van
The application of
geographic profiling
Graduated 2001
René Colijn GIS
Diffusion in Munipalities
Graduated 2000
Visualization and Analysis
( website )
Graduated 2000
Jan Luijkx Geodata
Warehousing (Application to Emergency Services)
Graduated 2000
Spatial Data Analysis to Improve Water Quality Monitoring Systems

( website )

Graduated 2000
Wim de Rooij The
CARE Algorithm. A Heuristic Method to Solve Capacitated Set Covering
Location Problems On Large Scale Networks
Graduated 2000
Contribution to the
Monitoring of Desertification using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS in
the SyrianSteppe
Graduated 1999
Martin Ellis GIS - Workflow
Management Systems with Smart Objects
Graduated 1999
Hans Hainje Geoinformation
Infrastructure Implementation: OPAFIT Analysis of the Friesian
Graduated 1999
Towards an Open GIS:
the Database Component Evaluated
Graduated 1999
Piet Houben Added Value of GIS in
Traffic and Transport Models
Graduated 1999
Remote Sensing for
Environmental Monitoring
Graduated 1999
Graduated 1999
Cartographic Rules for Visualisation of Time Related Geographical Data Sets Graduated 1999
Reconstructing Flevo
Lacus Hydrological System
Graduated 1999
Freek Vos Research of GIS
Graduated 1999
Boundaries in GIS; Open GIS and the SDO and SDE Implementation
Graduated with Distinction 1998
Decision Support for the Planning of Large Transport Infrastructure
Graduated 1998
Nico Piquer A Cost/Benefit
Analysis for the Use of GIS within Dutch Waterboards
Graduated 1998
Project Management
Graduated 1997
Joop Blom Object
Composing by a Catching Algorithm; a Problem Sketch of GIS within The
Netherlands Railways
Graduated 1997
Clemens van
Company Relevance of Metadata with Special Emphasis on the Design of a
Metadata System for GIS at the VSN Group
Graduated 1997
Liza van der
Modelling and Decision Support for New Linear Developments
Graduated 1997