What does UNIGIS Amsterdam have to offer?

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) represents one of the most rapidly expanding areas in Information Technology. GIS is seen increasingly as an essential tool in many areas of government and business.

The UNIGIS Programme offers ample opportunities for professionals to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of GIS, within their existing organisation as well as to increase job mobility. The part-time distance-learning programmes on academic Master-level combine well with work and private life.

Part-time study (about 10 hrs per week): combines well with work
Postgraduate Certificate (1-year), Diploma (2-year) and full Master (3-year) programmes available, building on top of each other
Distance-learning: studying online wherever you want

Only once a year, in June, presence is required at the campus in Amsterdam

Modular course structure

With lots of freedom to choose the courses you want

Write your assignments and thesis in Dutch

Even though your study material is provided in English you have the freedom to write in Dutch

What Alumni say about Unigis

“GIS provided a solid foundation for this exploration and I want to thank all those who helped me develop the skills I possess today.” (more…)

Marten Hogeweg ESRI Netherlands

“Directly applying in-depth research. My work has evolved from digitalization, scanning and cartography to customized GIS analyses for a variety of customers.” (more…)

Vincent van Altena Kadaster

“Unigis not only enriched me with Geo-related knowledge but also provided me personally with a more analytical view and changed me somehow in that matter in a positive way.” (more…)

Paul Jonk

“This certificate not only is a valuable asset on my CV, it also allows me to provide more solid and founded feedback during my work.” (more…)

Viola de Lange

“Living in a world in which data is increasingly available to all kinds of people and companies, it is important to have knowledge and notion on how to use these data wisely.” (more…)

Joris Hoogenboom BonoTraffics b.v.